Turned Glass Stem

I had this idea some time back, but hav only just had the oportunity to do anything with it.


The idea was to take a glass or gobles and remove the plane stem, then to turn a replacement attaching it to the bowl of the glass using and Epoxy resin.


I started by designing a rough outline for half of the glass using Google Sketchup, and then use the same program to render a 3D image of the two parts (Bowl and Stem)

The resulting image is what I was intening to do with the real materials - See what you think the image is below - Let me know if you like it

I intend to upload the Sketchup file to the 3D warehouse - so if you want to have a go then you will not have to start from scratch - Have fun

If you want the Sketchup file it's here. Thanks for looking