Wood Turned Objects

I started turning by making spinning tops, first from single pieces of wood then later by gluing blocks to a spindle of a different coloured materials and turning it as a single piece. Then I tried hollow forms bowls and bells.


The bells I made as Christmas decorations for people that liked and requested them. I included a small metal bell on the inside so that the decorations actual ring out.


The Acorns where my first attempt at making boxes, when I ran out of Mahogany I re-sawed the remaining scrap and used it as an inlay for the lighter doughnut boxes, to which I also added a decorative metallic disk in the top.


The Internal turned decorations started as a bit of fun, but got serious after a couple of them shattered while on the lathe sending parts all over the workshop. My own fault I learnt to take it a little more slowly with those.

Below is a recent project to make a decorative box with a lose fitting finial lid. The wood used for this piece  was spalted birch that I picked up while camping the other year. It was my first attempt and turned out a little smaller that intended, but a god starting point.


Please send comments let me know what you think.