Christmas Decorations

This decoration was very simple to create, I started by making the holes in a piece of pine using a forstner bit drilling all the way through, this was then mounted on the lathe and turned. A 10 mm hole was drilled through wile still on the lathe. The spike and top bead were turned separately and glues in place prior to finishing the turning. The tree was turned from a scrap of resin pen blank and held in place with superglue.

See snowman versions in the gallery below.

This is a simple hand bell made from pine - its approximately 5 cm in length and I added a trinket bell to it so that it will make a ringing sound.

Christmas tress are a first for me, its the first time I have tried to make a point and then undercut to make the branches. I also added some colour to this one by burning the black line in and using a bit of spirit stain.

More trees - these where made by mistake - I was trying to add the captive ring (you can see that on the third bauble in the image) but the ring broke so I turn a trunk and added some ribbon. All of the trees are made from Apple Wood

These Snowmen where fun to make and very simple. The first one I made was the baby, when my daughter saw it she sugested a family would be good so I made the mum and dad to go with.

Icicles are great for cristmas tree baubles - I made these in two partsa round bauble then a tear drop held together with a bead and link. I then had a play with the colur stains again.

I made some more Icicles they can be seen in the galery below

Disk decorations
Disk decorations

These are really simple to make and good fun. All I did was to turn a cylinder then part off a series of disks, sanding and finishing each disk before parting off. I then put Christmas designs on them using pyrography. Finally finishing them with some color and varnish.