Ideas for Christmas

Both myself and my wife both enjoy making craft items, Me anything wood related, my wife anything card and glittery. I thought it a good idea to add this page to show off some of the things my wife makes and will sell to those people who like them.

Please enjoy!

NOEL Table center /decoration in gold - also available Are HO HO HO's. All in varnished glitter on a reflective base.

The Santa brush - a Glittery combination looks great hanging from the light switch or the tree. My wife is also looking at making Reindeer in the same format.

Glittery decoration frames, these come in a number of decorative styles, lights, baubles, bells etc. In differing colours all great as gifts.

At present I do not have a sales page, however if you like ans want to buy any of these items, or any of the pens please contact my via the contacts tab and I can provide additional details


Thanks for looking