Pouring wood

Working with wood - even only as a pass time is great fun - especially if you get to try new things. I have been playing with multi-access (off Centre) turning on and off for a bit. never quite getting it right, however this piece has turned out quite well - pouring wood is not something everyone can do but Ive managed it this time. And it looks really nice


See the instructable at https://www.instructables.com/id/Pouring-Wood/



Potpourri Bowl

Here's my latest turning, a Potpourri decorative bowl, with a pewter top. The outside shape starts off flat at the top with a slight O-G curve to a fairly large foot to which was added a decorative pattern, The top has a slight curve up towards the pewter top and the bowl itself is undercut to give it more space inside to put the potpourri. With the foot being so large I had plenty of space for the tenon to mount on the chuck while turning the inside of the piece. Click on see more to --- See More!


Turning Course

Just completed a two day wood turners course with Mick Hanbury. The course was held at Turners Retreat and was an excellent experience. Well worth any wood turner (beginner, intermediate or long time turner) taking the plunge. I learnt a lot and now just have to practice the techniques covered.


Shelves with a difference.

If you make a shelf, try to make it a themed project - it makes for a much more interesting outcome, like this set of shelves I created for an instructable competition. Catch the full guide at 



Colouring Spinning Tops

Here's and idea - instead of turning a standard spinning top make a colouring one by replacing the center with a small felt tip pen. They make great toys and gifts and also create interesting and fun patterns.


Colouring Spinning Tops


Turning Pens is easy and fun

I think turning Pens is a great next step for any turner - They are relatively simple to make and apart from the tools you will already have all you need is a pen kit, which consists of the various brass /metal fittings required for the finished piece of artwork and a suitable bit of turning stock as well as a pen mandrel  although for some designs and a bit of experimentation you can turn pens between centers. From the picture you can see these two pens are just turned on the lower half and a number of turners don't actually like the 50% brass style I used, however its up to you as the person making the pen to finish it off the way you like. What matters at the end of the day is that this activity is meant to be fun and if you like what you end up with then the chances are you enjoyed making it. If someone else likes if enough to buy it then bonus. I have created an instructable on pen making take a look at 

Making Pens



A Wand for Harry Potter

This is a great thing to make and lots of fun for the budding wizard.

This was the third i created. The first being little more than a single spindle turned in softwood. My second was a commission from my daughter as a present for a friend and was a two part wand in Mahogany and Beach. The wand seen here has three materials again Mahogany and beach with the addition of a resin called Velstone. Construction is quite simple. I turned each separately then glued it all together. For a full guide I posted instructions on the Instructables web space at :

Magic Wand

Take a look and please leave a comment.